Gathering of Brilliance

Gathering of Brilliance

A powerful group of people dedicated to personal and business transformation, growth, support, and accountability

Whether you are a small business owner, non-profit, soloprenuer, or just someone looking be in place to learn, grow, and be supported, you have found the right place!

Being in business myself I have learned that my own limitations and struggles often have a direct correlation to how successful my own growth and development personally and professionally can be. I have been there….scared, overwhelmed, not knowing what else I can do, feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, that running thought that of “if only I had…..”,

We have all been there, yet there is some thing about pride that we don’t want others to know we may not have it all together. Maybe we procrastinate, or maybe work so hard that we miss out on the quality of life brings right before our eyes. Maybe, you know a need for your business (like grow your list), and for whatever reason something keeps getting in the way and next thing you know weeks have gone by.

What if you could have all of this to support you?

  • Create Successes, Celebrate Milestones, and Claim Accomplishments

    We can easily not notice when a success or milestone has been reached, especially when we may be focusing on what is not going well or how much is left to go. Not with this group, we are here to help you acknowledge the growth and mirror back what you may not even see.

  • Accountability

    Set an intention for what you want. Have your intentions be supported, challenged, and cheered by your peers, mentor, and the group.

  • Support, Support, and more Support

    Together we are creating a web of support for you and your business. Your initial group will have no more than 18 people in it. Then you will be broken into a small group of no more than 5 called Life Groups. You will also have 1 person who will be your partner who you can design how best you can be supporting each others. Finally, you will have a mentor who works with you and your Life Group to do what they can to help you grow. Like I said, support, support, and more support.

  • Time and place to be REAL

    Often times we go through life and answer the question “How are you doing?” with “Fine”. What is “Fine” really? Each week we gather together for what is a saved place of holding and supporting each other where we can have an honest check in where we are with life. Yes life, because life is about each of us as well as our business. This time together is for us to be real about what is on our hearts, minds, fears, hesitations, concerns, and joys. Come as you are, that is just who we want to see and experience. The real authentic you.

  • Reminders, Lessons, and Challenges

    Every day you will receive something in your inbox that will serve as a daily motivation and thoughts to help you grow personally and professionally. There will be calls every other week tied with a lesson and challenge to help you grow personally and within your business.

Your Support

So how does this work?

  • Everyone commits to themselves, their businesses, and each other to support growth over the next three months.
  • Everyone will be given a small group of peers, we call a ``Life Group``. Your Life Group just like you is trying to grow themselves, their businesses/non-profits, and still have to deal with the day-to-dy aspects of life. This small group is your personalized life line for good times, struggles, an ear to listen to do, feedback, and help you see areas that you may not have realized been your blind spots.
  • Besides you Life Group, you can pick (or we can help you) someone who will be your partner. Together the two of you can keep each other accountable, inspire, challenge, and celebrate successes.
  • Plus your Life will be given someone who has spent time working on their own development as well as have an understanding to help others in business development. This person is your personal mentor. Think of this person as your guide who just happens to be a few steps ahead of you on this growth journey and wants to help you move forward.
  • Each week there will be some gathering. The First and Third weeks of the month will be the full group gathering with check in, lessons, and a time for masterminding. The even weeks of the month will be devoted to your Life Groups to meet together.

This program runs for 6 months with the next circle opening up Monday January 15th. Say yes to you and your business so that you have the steps, opportunities, and support to bring purpose, passion, and profits to your work. Why work alone when you can be in collaboration and sisterhood desire the excellence you have to come forth.

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Long term desires….

Several years ago when I first launched Giving Excellence, I always wanted to have a place and platform where there was growth and development for anyone interested, and together we can make a ripple of greatness in this world.

So this is what I would love to have, and maybe you are meant to play a role in my vision. As this group grows, we will be needing people who have a desire to help others grow and develop. This could be people who are willing to be mentors, coaches, or even facilitators for the larger group gatherings. So come, experience what is being offered. Check in with your heart and see if you have a desire to do more.

Mellissa RempferGathering of Brilliance