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Bringing out the Best in Yourself, Your Colleagues, and Your Clients Using the Enneagram System

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"You'er Than You"...

Want to better understand yourself and others? Desire to increase your effective communication? Curious why some people’s personalities are easier to get along with verses others? Why do some people procrastinate, others are extremely helpful, and some critical, whereas others get stuff done? Have an interest in personal growth and personalities? If you answered yes to any of these, then join Mellissa Rempfer for a Mini-Workshop, "You'er Than You: Bringing out the Best in Yourself, Your Colleagues, and Your Clients Using the Enneagram System".

  • G​ain an understanding about yourself , (much like a treasure map), that will increase your awareness to what makes you you, and how to show up the with more authenticity, power, integrity, joy, compassion, and groundedness.
  • Learn to see your employees, colleagues, and yourself show up as their best selves, more compassionate to those around them, leveraging their unique personalities in productive ways that help to grow and further the mission of your organization by leveraging the most valuable asset you have — your people.
  • Discover how the Enneagram can accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires, and what can be done so you don't fall into some sabotage traps..

The Enneagram is a Powerful Tool:
Personalized for Your Unique Challenges

Communication & Team Building

The Enneagram helps people understand, communicate, and collaborate in a way where others feel seen and heard.

Relationships & Conflict Management

Want to improve your relatiohship with a friend, collegue, coworker,  client, or family? The Enneagram helps you understand the perspective and motivations that may make conflicts arise, and what can be done about them.

Understanding Yourself, Your Team, Your Clients, Your Colleagues, and Your Personal Relationships

Discover how the Enneagram can help you empowers (and yourself) with your truest Essence gifts, and how we each respond as we strive for the real connection with our true self.

Individual Motivations and Sabtagues

When we understand our own fears, motivations, and ways we sabotage ourselves, then the Enneagram helps us understand what and why we do what we do so that we don't have to be trapped in our old restrictive ways.

Personal Awareness and  Emotional Intelligence

What if there was a fail proof way for you to catch yourself when you stressing out (or others), and have the ability to turn a reaction of sabotage into a growth.

Stress Management and Increased Flexibility

Life and work can be stressful. The Enneagram gives you a way to have compassion for yourself, others, and engage in more healthy options to  verses react.


Mellissa Rempfer, MA.ed/AET, P.C.C., AWTP

Human Potential: Helping professionals bring out the best in themselves & others while increasing overall happiness. Mellissa Rempfer is a highly sought-after presenter, teacher, coach, and overall big-hearted speaker who makes everyone feel like she is speaking directly to them with her engaging, down-to-earth style. Mellissa delivers practical topics of human potential transformation for the individual, team, and workplace so that everyone can grow and increase their overall happiness.

With more than two decades in the personal development and growth space (for individuals and organizations), Mellissa provides transformation through very practical topics that provide audiences with simple actionable ideas, plus the clarity and motivation to put them into action right away to improve communication, leadership, interpersonal relationships, and self-awareness to bring out the best in oneself (and others).

Mellissa went from being homeless at the age of 14 to securing a $3 Million donation and $9.8 Million ongoing passive income for a new student center for her college before turning 21. With the same skills of growing personal relationships to make things happen, she shares how we can support (and also hinder one's growth and possibilities).

With certifications to support the work of transformation and growth (Masters in Adult Education in Training and Development, Professional Certified Integral Coach, Certified Enneagram Teacher, and Authorized Workshop Facilitator with the Enneagram Institute), Mellissa is committed to the development of Human Potential, and help others connect with their best version of themselves.

When Mellissa, her husband, and furry dog kids are not traveling full time, you can find Mellissa at various coffee shops or amusement parks. Just look for the kid-size shoes that light up and have sparkles.

Is the effectiveness of your business minimized because you don’t fully understand the people on your team (or yourself)?

Business calls for increased flexibility and cooperation at all levels. This isn’t possible without understanding motivations, assets, liabilities, and personal dynamics of the company’s most valuable resource — its people.


What is it costing you to not understand how your teammates tick? Imagine how powerful it would be to understand why each person thinks, feels, and behaves the way they do.  Imagine the impact of your team growing into their full potential and bringing their best selves to work. 

What others are saying:

Increase workplace happiness

We hired Mellissa to come in and work with our Training and Development Team. There are a lot of people who say they 'know the Enneagram', Mellissa not only knows the enneagram, she understands the complexities and issues that can arise when you see someone just as a type (and coach them that way). Mellissa brought humor with Dr. Seuss as she facilitated through some internal team challenges that we didn't even realize we needed to address to increase our workplace happiness. We laughed, cried, hugged, and better understood each other in a way that brought more cohesion and appreciation for each of our unique ways of doing or seeing things.

Kelley Holding  //  Senior Manager, Leadership Development Salesforce 

The stress I had is no longer ruling my life.

“I was one of those people who always have plans, back up plans, and hated the idea of boredom. Yet, it was learning about the Enneagram and discovering one of my patterns was to keep myself so busy with options that I found myself suffering with lack of focus. I found more freedom with focusing and making decisions instead of chasing squirrels. The stress I had with options (which I didn't even know was a stress) is no longer ruling my life and I have found freedom in making choices for my life, my family, and my business.”

Maya Hiersioux  //  High-End Realtor for the East Bay in Northern California

Funny, engaging, and expertly offered

"Mellissa Rempfer was dynamic, approachable, and one with the audience. Her presentation was to the point, funny, engaging, and expertly offered. Mellissa did an especially nice job getting an important and difficult message out to everyone in the room and did it with the perfect blend of charm and humor!"

AMY DAWSON  //  Bay Area Business Express Network, ABWA (American Business Women's Association) 

Easy to Implement with Life-Long Applications

Being able to understand how you get in your own way is priceless for any business owner, startup, or professional. Mellissa has a way to work with people that brings insight, hope, and an ease for people so that they can implement what they learn about themselves and others to increase communication, be less stressed, and overall be happier more productive people in this world with the work they do.

George Parrish  //  Executive Director Entrepreneurial Lab

Mellissa is an engaging and fun teacher who makes the Enneagram easy...

The Enneagram is not only a useful tool for self analysis, but has repeatedly and immensely helped in understanding and dealing with complicated family, friend, and colleague relationships, especially when their way of seeing the world and their reactions differ vastly from your own. Understanding where someone else is coming from is the first step to mitigating conflict and improving relationships.

Mellissa is an engaging and fun teacher who makes the Enneagram easy to understand and incorporate in your life. Absolutely everyone can benefit from attending one of Mellissa’s workshops.

Janelle DeRuoisi  //  Photographer

Upcoming Mini Workshops

March 5th 12:00-1:30pm Pacific


Join Mellissa for an interactive exploration of the Enneagram and how it can be useful as a professional, business owner, coach, and own's one personal development. This session will include a practical dive learning about the enneagram types, and applications in work and life.

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You'er Than You

Bringing out the Best in Yourself, Your Colleagues, and Your Clients Using the Enneagram System

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