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Shari Lynn Jesteadt

by Mellissa Rempfer on June 2, 2014 Comments Off on Shari Lynn Jesteadt

Mellissa and Maya have a unique ability to help others recognize their own gifts and build a platform to access their dreams. They’re sharp. I’m astonished how they were able to extract incredibly useful and inspirational gems from information and issues that I’ve been stuck on for so long! 

Mellissa and Maya are a blessing to people in business who are looking for a coach who cares about success AND the person behind it. They are willing to listen and be present with me in ways I’ve never experienced in business development before. It’s as if my brightest and best self shows up when I work with them. I truly believe they have the ability to draw this wisdom out.

They has helped design a growth structure that works for me and my business with built-in support so I’m able to handle obstacles when they arise. They have led me to acknowledge that I am worthy of receiving support, and in fact, I’m super successful in my business offerings when I use all the resources I didn’t even know were available to me. Now I have a do-able schedule and more gets done…rather than thinking about improving my entrepreneurial ventures 24/7, I actually enjoy having weekends off!

I’ve known consultants who were trying to bring meaning to big business. Mellissa and Maya take people who already have meaning and purpose, teaches them the tools and skills they need to be successful, and that makes a BIG impact!

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