How to Get Out of Your Own Way!

Take the "Monster Tamer Quiz" to learn how you may be getting in your own way that is costing you time, money, and happiness personally and professionally.

Mellissa Rempfer, MA.ed/AET, P.C.C., Certified Enneagram Coach

Helping Professionals Stop Getting in Their Own Way so they can be have the life they desire.

I am committed to helping professionals, business owners, and organizations bring out the best in themselves, their clients, and have a life that brings them delight.

Too often the things that cause us the. most heartache and frustrations are aspects of how we show up and be (consciously and unconsciously) that leads to those pesky habits and behaviours that gets in the way of us having more joy, freedom, productivity, and financial abundance.

I am on a mission to help professions break free from the prisons of their own making so they can go to bed each night with a sense of accomplishment, fulfilment, and pride in themselves personally and professionally. 

Thank You

Mellissa Rempfer <3

Bringing out the best in your self starts with the self-knowledge of knowing how you maybe getting in your own way for your greatest potential. These 20 questions are designed to help you discover what are stressors, sabotages, and behaviours that keep you from having the life you desire personally and professionally. 

Real People.

Real Transformation.




Shari L. Fox

Mellissa has a unique ability to help others recognize their own gifts and build a platform to access their dreams. She's sharp. I'm astonished how she was able to extract incredibly useful and inspirational gems from information and issues that I've been stuck on for so long! 

Adrienne Barker

Talk about a life changing educational experience! Completely opened my eyes to my inner self as well as brought me insight into my family members and clients! Thank you!