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Spirituality and Shadow Work

by Mellissa Rempfer on February 15, 2018 No comments

Spiritual Practice and Shadow Work

I am a believer that people come across our paths that support our own growth and development. This also includes people who bring awareness and light to areas that we don’t always want to be visible and present. One of these teachers for me is Russ Hudson from the Enneagram Institute.
Today’s article came from a post that Russ shared on social media: 10 Spiritual Things People Do that are Total BS.

I have seen this emerging of people who are acting like they are these super spiritual beings and everything that do is for the greater good. I must admit, I have fallen into this same ego trap even though I did not wan to admit it, I even lost friends over my behaviours for the sake of spirituality and growth.

Spirituality is more than just how and what we do. It is about the authentic connection when we are present head, heart, body, and soul. Our own makings can distort these connections even when we let are believing we are doing the work. This is why I am a believer of community. It is through working with others that they can mirror back to us what we are actually doing when we don’t realize we have let the ego take over verses the essence, especially when our egos are masterful at mimicking essence giving us a false sense of truth.

Take a moment and just be real. Anything speaking to you? I know for me there were quite a few.
Here’s to you and your business’s brilliance!

-Mellissa Rempfer, Founder of Brilliance and Business, and Giving Excellence. |

Mellissa RempferSpirituality and Shadow Work