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$10, One Week, Endless Breakthrough Possibilities

Join the fun and identify your self-sabotaging traps, create a freedom plan and map your escape from the things by breaking through what's holding you back, and then successfully motivate your superhero within!

Join me, Mellissa Rempfer, for a one-of-a-kind breakthrough from self-made traps coaching experience

Come see what it's like inside my private coaching group, The Great Escape.

  • Take on the Map Your Escape Challenge. Breakthrough from your self-sabotaging traps to motivating your superhero within.
  • Be inspired as you create your Freedom Map and turn those self-sabotaging traps and habits into an escape plan. Stop playing small, being a perfectionist, self-doubt, or procrastination!
  • Learn how to tame your mental monster (and turn it into your best friend) with your questions answered during a special Q&A.

  • Gain practical easy-to-implement actions. Changing patterns and escaping traps takes more than changing thoughts. It takes awareness, new skills and behavior modification.
  • And discover the secret key to unlock the ability to turn your gifts into your superhero abilities to be more productive, find more delight in your life, and embody your greatest gifts without holding yourself back personally or professionally!

All Live and with Me!

We've packed THREE WEEKS of content in this special Breakthrough week just for you and it begins in...


You missed out!

I’m so excited to invite you behind the scenes of my coaching and workshop program – The Great Escape – to see what it's like.

There’s no better way for you to decide if The Great Escape is right for you.

What's Inside

Day 1 


Help I am Stuck!

Bring out the fun and creativity as we look at our selves (with love and authenticity) for the various ways that we are getting stuck and getting in our own way. (Perfectionism, procrastination, unhealthy boundaries, not changing enough, analysis paralysis, self doubt, not knowing enough, etc...) 

During our time together we get to have some fun and play with taking a look behind the curtain (think seeing the wizard of Oz behind the smoke and show) to see what is actually happening to keeping us trapped. Step one in freeing from traps is to know how and why we are trapped.

Day 3


Plan Your Escape!

I will walk you through the steps I take to recognize the warning signs of our triggers, traps, and what resources we have available from the Map Your Escape Challenge into an organized practical action plan, Your Freedom Map.  

We'll breakthrough the next steps so you can take action and conquer those self-sabotaging traps. When we are done, you will have a practical Freedom Map that can guide you from your traps and obstacles.

Day 5


Hello Superhero Self!

We each have gifts, but do you know what they are and how to tap into them to bring out the best version of yourself? To be able to break through those traps, sabotages, and habits that have been keeping you stuck?

Our time together is going to help you enable your superhero abilities and gifts so that you can conquer anything. Are you ready to have some fun and learn practical ways to stop procrastinating, being in perfectionism mode, being too helpful it costs you, imposter syndrome, and/or self doubt? Now is the time to have the superhero in you show up and succeed!

Day 6


What you don't know you don't know...

By the end of the week, your brain and heart will be bursting with ideas, excitement, a game plan for conquering your limiting self., and how to let your super-self shine!  You may also be eager to know more. You still may have some burning questions for me. 

I'll be live answering them inside the group, just as I do inside the membership each month.

The best part, it's not just me answering your questions...

My Great Escape community and community managers will be joining us so you get the full experience of the group. It's going to be a blast! I can't wait to see you inside!!

Hi I'm Mellissa

Escape Artisté. Pattern Interruptor. Certified Enneagram Instructor.

First off, I want you to know I have been where you are. Self sabotaging myself, my success, my growth, and well... didn't want others to know I didn't have it all together.

However, I have lived life, studies, fallen on my face (more times to really appreciate the failure perspective), and also bring a depth and breath to what is need to support people to break free from the traps and habits we encounter.

I bring the total package of study, practice, and proven results. I am a consummate escape artisté and pattern interruptor who’s passionate about helping individuals break through their self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting beliefs, and fears to excel in work and in life. Through compassion, rigor, and expertise in the interplay between the personality and the ego, I guide others to break free of the traps they create for themselves. 

From surviving homelessness as a teen to spearheading the funding of a multimillion dollar building by my early twenties, I have walked the walk. Working with professionals in the corporate world, small business, education, nonprofits, and helped thousands to discover their innate strengths and qualities in order to overcome self-made traps. Now, as a coach and consultant, my team and myself are here to help you. 

As an Enneagram Institute®-authorized teacher and integral coach with New Ventures West, I come alongside professionals like you to help you discover how you’re shackling yourself, and what it takes to break down the walls of that self-built prison. Along with her Enneagram expertise and MA in Education, I leverage the knowledge to guide individuals, business owners, corporate leaders, and organizational teams into a deeper understanding of themselves and the ways in which they get stuck. 

Don't worry if you can't make the live events! After Breakthrough Week is over, we will send you an email to access all the videos for a year!

Don't miss out on your chance to take your Personal Growth to the next level!

A Life of the Sure Thing

Based on how you answered the Trap Finder Quiz, you may find yourself getting caught in a series of traps all tied to a need to feel secure and supported.   

You desire to live a life where you feel guidance, security, and trust in yourself, other people, and systems in the world. Yet, these thinking and behavior frameworks can keep you from sharing your unique gifts with the world.  

You may recognize the following traps and behaviors as some of the ways you consciously and unconsciously sabotage yourself: 

Common Traps

  • Analysis Paralysis You possess the gift and potential trap of contemplating what could be. The gift shifts into a very real trap when too much of your energy and efforts are spent on analyzing or even sabotaging yourself from moving forward. You get stuck in the process of assessing different potential options, outcomes, problems, possibilities, and what-ifs. This cycling and spiraling can lead to paralysis in productivity, self-esteem, and willpower. If the amount of information coming in becomes too overwhelming for you to work through, you risk moving forward purely out of reactionary fear or dread.
  • Doubtful and Questioning to a Fault Your sense of how you understand yourself and the world around you is based on feeling and being safe and secure. The trap captures you when stop trusting and allowing yourself to guide your thoughts and actions. You risk letting your ego structure take command of you in times of nervousness, doubt, or questioning. The trap reveals itself in both the questioning and answering process. When you are triggered into a state of high alert, you consciously and unconsciously go to your inner committee of trusted people for advice. This can come in the form of your ego structure speaking as the persona of your mom, teacher, or best friend in your mind. Other times you may actually ask those people in your life for their opinions. Either way, the trap has already been sprung and you have been caught. You are trusting others’ opinions or your ego's impression of others’ opinions instead of trusting your true inner wisdom and guidance for what your next step should be.  
  • Protections and Systems and Back Up Plans  You live with systems, processes, and back up plans as a way of navigating through life. Think about how much of your time gets devoted to creating, managing, and repairing these security measures. You risk obsessing and getting stuck over developing and maintaining these plans while missing out on the joy of unplanned processes and spontaneity. The trap further deepens when you lose the ability to relax and trust others to take the lead.