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Often we hear statements like “put your ego in check”, or “wow, that person has a lot of ego”. This course is designed to help you take something that most people thing of as “bad” and learn how to turn your ego into your best friend. HInt- Your ego is one of the greatest resources to bring you back to your true Essence connection with your gifts. The secret is to learn how to recognize this opportunity and use the ego as your new compassionate best friend for growth.

Your Secret Best Friend: Your Ego

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About the teacher

Mellissa Rempfer

Mellissa Rempfer is an Escape Artisté, Pattern Interruptor, and Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher. She’s passionate about leading individuals to a better understanding of themselves--and helping them break free of self-made traps throughout the journey.

Mellissa helps individuals and groups experience what it means to be a human being. To explore, to taste, to try things out, to dare to do the uncomfortable, to be their fullest selves. She helps people understand the complexities of what makes them beautiful, and how to break through their shame, fear, and ego. And she does so in a way where people re-define their own identity, through the power and integrity of their own inner wisdom.

From various bouts of abandonment and homelessness as a child, Mellissa rose to being the student body president of her college and a legendary fundraiser on its behalf. She would go on to significant success supporting non-profits before moving towards her current path of personal engagement. Challenged by a series of rare health conditions throughout her life, Mellissa brings a truly unique perspective to the work she does, coupled with a powerful personal motivation behind it.

Mellissa holds a Master’s Degree in Education (focusing on Adult Training and Development), is a Professional Certified Coach, and is an Accredited Enneagram Teacher by the Enneagram Institute.

With Mellissa, learn how to find contentment, joy, and glory in who and what you are, and set yourself up with a new definition of success.

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