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The Enneagram gives us a map to what’s going on inside of us, allowing us to take an objective look at our internal landscape or terrain. It helps us understand WHY we do the things we do and what is driving us. It shows us the lens through which we see the world, and gives us a look through others’ lenses. 

This assessment package is for you if you…

  • Find yourself continually self-sabotaging, repeating the same missteps over and over
  • Know your own patterns (or are curious about them), but don’t know how to break the destructive ones
  • Want a deeper look within yourself into WHY you do the things you do
  • Are ready for guidance to help you reach your highest potential and best self possible

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The Enneagram doesn't put you in a box. It shows you the box you are already in and how to get out of it." - Russ Hudson, Enneagram Institute”

Map of Compassion and Curiosity.

Imagine how much more compassion and curiosity we would have for ourselves and others if we could really see WHY we do what we do. 

That is what the Enneagram does. It is a map of compassion and curiosity..

There are too many maps of the personality to list: Myers-Briggs, DISC Assessment, StrengthsFinder, MMPI, and so on. But these maps only show us what’s happening on the outside. While we can learn a lot about our traits, actions, reactions, and coping methods, we may not necessarily gain an understanding of why we do those things. 

Not only does the Enneagram give us a close, personal look at what it feels like to be in our own lets us glimpse others from that perspective. We learn the WHY behind our behaviors, and the WHY behind others’. 

Any good map has a “you are here” indicator--and the Enneagram is just such a map. It shows us where we are right now, and helps us to take the first step in our journey to our true self. The Enneagram teaches us to become aware of who and where we are, to notice ourselves, see our habitual behaviors, and recognize the things we do over and over again.  

The Enneagram shows us the things we do that keep us stuck in one place. As we become more present to the moment and aware of the way we do the same things over and over, something wonderful happens. We begin to see other options, more choices, different paths; our map unfolds, showing a new direction with endless possibilities and a path to lead us to what we have been searching for all along: our true self.  

The Enneagram leads us home to our own deepest connection with the self and the divine, and through that connection, miracles happen in your life and business.

What if I told you that there is a way to experience life fully so that you have more joy, freedom, happiness, authenticity, beauty, wisdom, connection, and power? Let me share my story with you...

The Journey Begins...

If I had only known then what I know now, everything would have changed.

Back in 2008, a coaching program introduced me to a system that opened my eyes to a true transformation in my business and personal life. The insights, awareness, and wisdom of this ancient system helped me realize that I was living my life inside a prison of my own making, and all the while, the door to my freedom was open. Yet, I did not know freedom was even an option. 

Let's just say I was the center of my own suffering and self-sabotage, and I wanted so much more.

The Enneagram system is something that has enabled me and my business to function at my highest and best, all while doing so in a way that reminds me to stay connected to my essential soulful qualities. Sounds like something great to have, right? For me, the difference between my past and present lives is night and day. 

My desire is for you to obtain your own map through the power of the Enneagram. That’s why I offer Enneagram typing for both individuals and organizations. Knowing where you are in this ancient system can bring abundance, clarity, and joy to your life. May it transform you in the very best of ways! 

Mellissa Rempfer, MA. Ed AET, PCC

Enneagram Institute Certified Teacher and Authorized Workshop Facilitator

Welcome Home: Discover Your Enneagram Type Package (For Individuals)

This one-on-one typing assessment helps individuals learn why we do the things we do, based on the age-old Enneagram system. 

Welcome Home will help you:

  • Discover what type you are on the Enneagram system
  • Learn your greatest essentials with your Enneagram Type
  • Recognize what are the warning signs when you are acting out the stress points of your Enneagram Type, which could affect your business and personal relationships
  • Apply specific mantras based on your type to bring you more fulfilment, compassion, joy, and authenticity

Welcome Home will get you:

Full, scientifically validated Riso-Husdon RHETI Assessment (40 minutes). The Enneagram Institutes Typing Assessment.

One-on-one interpretive coaching session with Mellissa to explore your results and confirm your type (45 minutes).

Personalized assessment and growth report filled with a histogram of all of your nine types, famous people of the same type, and specific growth opportunities designed just for you.

Pricing Plan

Welcome Home (INDIVIDUAL)


Take the step in bringing forth the best version of yourself.

  • Full, scientifically validated Riso-Husdon RHETI Assessment (40 minutes)
  • One-on-one interpretive coaching sessions to explore your results and confirm your type (45 minutes)
  • Personalized development report 
welcome home (Couple)


This special offer is good if there are two people who want to discover their types together. (max 2 people).

  • Full, scientifically validated Riso-Husdon RHETI Assessment (40 minutes)
  • One-on-one interpretive coaching sessions to explore your results and confirm your type (45 minutes) for each person. 
  • Personalized development report
  • One 30 minute session with both parties to explore ways each person could support each other's growth and challenges.
Welcome Home (corporate)

Customized packages for all organizational sizes.

  • Full, scientifically validated Riso-Husdon RHETI Assessment (40 minutes) for each participant
  • One-on-one interpretive coaching sessions to explore your results and confirm your type (45 minutes)
  • Personalized development report (shared with management, with each individual’s written permission)
  • A two-hour, half-day, full day, or series workshop* that covers communication, interpersonal relationships, and bringing out the best in yourself and others by leveraging what we’ve learned from the Enneagram