Resources, Courses and Workshops, and More

Trap Finder Quiz: How Are You Trapped? 

Escape the fears, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you trapped. Take The Trap Finder Quiz to help you identify your common traps (and guardian mental monsters) effecting you personally and professionally.

COurse: Map Your Escape

You know how you’re trapped...but now what? It’s time to map your escape! This course will lead you closer to freedom, step-by-step.

Workshop: Wisdom of the Enneagram

Go beyond your Enneagram type into a deeper spiritual landscape to improve how you show up in your life and your interactions with others. This is an Authorized Workshop through the Enneagram Institute.


Gain a greater understanding of the Enneagram’s Levels of Development to deepen your journey of psycho-spiritual growth. This is an Authorized Workshop through the Enneagram Institute.

Workshop: The Enneagram and Relationships: Intimate and Professional

Deepen your relationships and gain a deeper understanding of the people in your life through practical application of the Enneagram types and how they relate to one another. This is an Authorized Workshop through the Enneagram Institute

Workshop: The Three Instincts (Subtypes)

Use insights from the Enneagram to create harmony in your relationships and greater balance in your life. This is an Authorized Workshop through the Enneagram Institute.

Welcome Home: discover Your Enneagram Type

This one-on-one typing assessment helps individuals learn why we do the things we do, based on the age-old Enneagram system. This package includes a RHETI Typing assessment through the Enneagram Institute, a personalized review from an authorized and certified Enneagram Teacher from the Enneagram Institute, and a 45 minute private exploration session. Welcome Home will help you: 

  • Discover what type you are on the Enneagram system
  • Learn your greatest essentials with your Enneagram Type
  • Recognize what are the warning signs when you are acting out the stress points of your Enneagram Type, which could affect your business and personal relationships
  • Apply specific mantras based on your type to bring you more fulfilment, compassion, joy, and authenticity

The Great Escape

Break Free from Your Self Made Traps.

Looking for an extended program where you can get coaching, guidance, and encouragement from Mellissa and a small group of your peers? It’s time to make The Great Escape.