We are a Business Growth and Development agency with a twist

We devote our resources and skills to ensure you and your company perform at your best, both personally and professionally. We focus on creating products and services, increasing income, outreach, skills and competencies. The best part is, we strive maintain your uniqueness and how that shows up in business. While you initially come here looking for business growth you’ll leave with that and a profound life long personal transformation.
Welcome to state of Growth in Excellence!

We Help You Find Your Place and Grow!

Take a moment and reflect on where you are with your company? Are you in your sweet spot? If not, Great! That is exactly why Giving Excellence is here!

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Offers and Opportunities

We understand that You and Your Organization has specific needs and desires. What we offer meets you right here right now, and takes you where you desire to go.

We offer a wide variety of different workshops all focusing on different areas and aspects of growth and development. Topics range from personal development (like the Enneagram, interpersonal relationships, to money), all the way to specific business and non-profit workshops topics (like how to create a workshop, to volunteer development, to income development).

What if you only have 30 minutes, an hour, or maybe 3 at the most? This is where mini workshops come into play. With a variety of different size groups, we can hold valuable rich applicable content tailored just the audience on a wide variety of topics in development.

As a business or nonprofit there needs to be some mechanism with others regarding who you are and how you can be of assistance to them. How do clients know your expertise and ways you can help them? This is where we can help you. We can create content, workshops, trainings, products, services, and programs

To understand how far and in what areas growth are needed or happened, there should be some sort of assessment. There are several areas where we work with people and organizations regarding assessments including: to better understand the starting point, progress, and overall status or needs for the person as well as the organization.

Depending on your needs and desires, workshops or a training may not enough, and we understand that. We have created and successful run several longer programs that focus on Business Development (Conscious Business Development Program) and the V.O.I.C.E. Program (Non-profit Development Program). Both group programs include trainings, coaching, mentoring, and community.

A sense of community is important for us to be able to create a safe, effective, supporting place for people who desire to see the best out of you and your organization. We believe that having a community of people who can mirror back what are your Brilliance and Gifts reinforces that part that struggles with

What we do best

  • Grow

    Help you fill in the gaps to increase your performance to be able to grow into your fullest.

  • Bring out the Best in You

    There is a reason why you and your business are who you are. We take that uniqueness and offering, and turn it into something tangible, profitable, and sustainable for your best self.

  • Provide Structure and Opportunities

    You may love structure. You may hate structure. We bring the essentials of what is needed to run a business so that working on your business is a joy and not feel like “work”.

Our Clients

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