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Mellissa Rempfer

Integral Coach, Pattern Interruptor. Certified Enneagram Instructor.

Mellissa Rempfer is the total package of study, practice, and proven results. She’s passionate about helping individuals break through their self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting beliefs, and fears to excel in work and in life. Through her compassion, rigor, and expertise in the interplay between the personality and the ego, Mellissa guides others to break free of the traps they create for themselves. 

From surviving homelessness as a teen to spearheading the funding of a multimillion dollar building by her early twenties, Mellissa has walked the walk. She has worked with professionals in the corporate world, small business, education, and nonprofits, and has helped thousands to discover their innate strengths and qualities in order to overcome self-made traps. Now, as a coach and consultant, Mellissa is here to help you. 

As an Enneagram Institute®-authorized teacher and integral coach with New Ventures West, Mellissa comes alongside professionals like you to help you discover how you’re shackling yourself, and what it takes to break down the walls of that self-built prison. Along with her Enneagram expertise and MA in Education, Mellissa leverages her knowledge to guide individuals, business owners, corporate leaders, and organizational teams into a deeper understanding of themselves and the ways in which they get stuck. 

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Our Team Members

We as a team are here for you. We are in the person to person relationship business. Each of us are working together bringing together growth, compassion, fun, sparkle, and deep transformation. And make sure we are enjoying life along the way. Want to come play with us? Let's talk.

Meridith Stafford

Client Advocate of Happiness, and Mellissa's Assistant


Oracle of Healing and Community

Maya Hiersoux

Chief Officer of Joy and Retreats

Kendra Losee

The Mastermind of Creativity and Inviter to Joy and Delight

John Joseph Par

The Light in All Things Graphics and Beautiful

Haley Walden

Wooer  of Words

ZÖe rempfer

Mistress of Mayhem

ChloÉ Rempfer

Chief Snuggle Officer

Gimli Rempfer

Ghost of All That Matters in Life

Tye Rempfer

2nd Assistant to the Underling

What We Believe and are Committed To!


To really understand ourselves we need to stop the ego games and be present right now in this moment. This is where we experience being in Presence. We believe that our real work is understanding ourselves and connecting with the fullness of who we are, and what we are. This is our soul's work.


If we are willing to have some kindness and compassion for ourselves, then we can move through our life and traps with much more ease and grace. Our hearts can be kind and gentle with us and allow us to be see ourselves with the true brilliance and glory we each bring. And the compassion allows for us to forgive, give grace, and bring a gentleness to ourselves without shame, anger, or fear. 


When we get to be create space with curiosity about what we think we know, what we assume, how we are acting/behaving/reacting, then the real movement comes into place because curiosity combined with compassion invites us to explore freedom. 


Commitment to our words being honorable. Our sacred goodness as human beings being loves and accepted. Our willingness to show up just as we are authentically. And our commitment to transformation and long term growth that is unique just as you are. And we are committed to growth and Excellence (for you, for us, and for those who we each serve).

Are your obsessive thoughts focused on desire or fear? Desire will never fail you.

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