We understand that there is a lot of information out in the world. This is our section of where we share information with you to aid you in your journey. Unless we state there is a fee, the resources here are listed are FREE. We also trust that if you want additional help and support, you will come back to us for when you are ready for the next step. Come back frequently since we will constantly updating this page.

Trap Finder Quiz

Curious what are the core traps that keep you stuck personally and professionally? Take our complimentary Trap Finder Quiz to identify what are your traps, and learn how these traps continue to keep you stuck. Take quiz here. 

Understanding Myself and Others : Introduction to the Enneagram 101 

The Enneagram is a system and map to help us understand ourselves, how we cope with stress, and how we bring about our greatest gifts and challenges. This self paced introduction course walks you through getting started with the Enneagram as a system for growth and self awareness. (Launching in Oct.)

Daily Transformations

Imagine waking up each day with a new awakening messaging to further you along in your personal growth journey. Our daily messages are filled with curiosity, compassion, and an invitation to grow. If you are interested in getting this, sign up here. (Launching in Oct.)

Welcome Home: Discover Your Enneagram Type Assessment

Knowing what type we are in the Enneagram system is the beginning of understanding some of our triggers, traps, and growth opportunities. We want to share with you two different options here. You can take the RHETI Test (offered through the Enneagram Institute) for $12 here. Or, you can take the package offer which we offer. This package includes the RHETI Test, a review with an authorized teacher from the Enneagram Institute (often times the test is just the beginning and there are many nuances that get missed with the test in determining your type and growth opportunities and challenges), and a 1-1 coaching session. Find out more here. 

Join the Community

Come join our public community of others committed to growing, changing, and breaking free from our traps. Our group: Human Potential and Curiosity is FREE and open to all who are seeking to learn more, grow, and stop being a prisoner of their own making. Come join us here.