Hi there, I’m Mellissa Rempfer and I love people and want the best for you.

Life is filled with interesting and amazing people. I attract them like a moth to the light. Welcome my new Brilliant and Amazing person. I am so glad you are here.

Just like you, I am so much more than just a description and bio!

I believe people can get to know you, and you don’t have to be just a ‘list of accolades’ that represent your brilliance and value.

Working with me is like stepping through to new possibilities beyond what you even imagined for your business and your self.

Here’s the just of me: I love people. I don’t just say this, I truly love the most human of human natures – all the stuff that makes you you.

The why and how you do what you do, and being a part of the process of you stepping into your full potential, power and expression. I have a giant heart that has a tendency (and desire!) to give as abundantly as possible. Working with me leads to progress, laughter and growth in areas that at first seem completely unrelated yet by the end you can’t thank me enough for going there with you, and for the transformation you’ll witness in both you and your organization. I say transformation because not only are you going to be able to be successful in skills and competencies to reach your desires and goals in business, you’ll enjoy more capacity and confidence for the best version of you to shine through in the process.

I understand and embrace that you need to experience results that are tangible and observable. I also have come to the place in of my own development and understanding myself that there is a part of us that is also intuitive — there is deeper wisdom available to us – and that it matters and can have a direct impact on those tangible results we are working towards. For years I focused all of my energy on the black and white of being competent, and yet I have learned I have this gift of seeing and understanding people and business with a big picture/little picture focusing in and out, and perceiving the steps/opportunities/obstacles along the journey of getting you exactly where you want to go.

So now I bring all of me together in a way that supports you and your business by saving your time, money, resources, stress, and many head aches/heart aches/stomach aches. Oh, and I am a big believer of expressing my joy and celebrating with you (which you will notice working with me with me – tons of “yays!” and smiley faces. I have lived a good portion of my life focusing on getting results that I did not take the essential time to enjoy the process and accomplishments along the way – things I’ve learned create even better results!

Working with Mellissa changed everything. She has this amazing ability to listen and decipher deep into what I say and do and uncover thoughts, fears, and beliefs that have some profound influence not only in my business, but also my life. You come thinking you are going to grow your business and walk away with a life transformation! I have never met anyone life her and her work continues to show up in my every day.

KJ Pereira

So what do I do, here, I will make this easy.

Grow in Depth

We are often unaware of parts of us that for various reasons hinder us from being our greatness (personally as well professionally within our organizations). My gift of excellence to you is to know and embody your core human brilliance truths that we can hinder or cover up and what has interfered with your greatest potential! Real Joy! Real Appreciation! Real Clarity! Real Strength and Power! Real Possibilities to Thrive!

Grow in Height

I work with you to create opportunities for you to be seen, known, acknowledged, valued, and take your spot in the world showcasing who and what you and your business are all about. My gift of excellence to you is clients can’t wait to say YES!

Grow in Width

As you work with me you quickly discover and appreciate that you will have more capacity to take on more clients and areas of your life that has been a stress before will no longer have the hold on you like before. My gift of excellence to you is to be able to really enjoy a big deep inhale and exhale without feeling like the world is crushing in on you, and you can move into taking you and your business into bigger opportunities.

You. Your Organization. Your Clients.Thriving.

Imagine if there is a growth, support, and change in you- how could this show up in your Business? Now imagine the same concept within your company, what new opportunities are available now? Now with both you and your business working and thriving, take a moment and imagine the ripple effect this can have on the countless lives you serve with your clients and their sphere of influence. This is what I call THRIVING!

You may be saying all this sounds great, but how do I know you are not some foo foo dream big granola new ager?

Truth is, besides sharing tears in sappy movies, loving to give and receive hugs, I am very practical, down to earth, and grounded. If there are not demonstrable results, your Ego (which holds the purse strings) is not going to let you sign up and pay to work with me. (Nor would I even want to work with myself!)

I started several years ago on a quest with a question for what was supposed to be for a year but has evolved into a passion-filled, lifelong journey: “What is Mellissa’s understanding of how people grow and develop?” Everything that we do here at Giving Excellence is focused just on that, helping the person and the organization grow in perfect harmony and develop to be the best they can be.

Ok, now for the standard validated cred that comes with every bio.

I am an international expert in development and focus creating and supporting what is essential developmentally in business development, non-profit development, content development and personal development.


Being able to demonstrate results is something that is essential with myself and Giving Excellence. I walk the talk.

  • Before the age of 21, I spearheaded a $9.6 million campaign to create an ongoing passive fund-raising venue for my college to build a student center.

  • Created partnerships with 42 businesses to expand their internal desires with opportunities to fulfill them under the banner of the American Cancer Society in order to raise money and awareness for cancer research. That initiative resulted in community development and fundraising programs that still thrive today, over 10 years later.

  • Created the Brilliance and Business Telesummit and Community bringing together over 20 experts from around the world in business and personal development.

  • I will be honest, transparent, and real with you with my own process, struggles, and fears. This let’s you know you are working with a real person and business who is undergoing just like yourself and your business.

My “Formal’ Education

Book knowledge is great, and having practical real world application to thoughts and theory have more impact.

  • MA.ED Adult Education Training and Development

    Provides the ability for mastery in understanding how adults learn, how to create successful curriculum, products, trainings, and services to optimize growth, and how to teach in a way that resonates and supports real life application.

  • B.A. Theatre

    A Theatre degree surprising has played a large role in understanding dynamics of the roles we play in life and how we are always “presenting ourselves” and adapting to get what we want.

  • Accredited Enneagram Teacher and Authorised Workshop Facilitator

    A developmental system that is used to help both a person and an organization understand the motivations and behaviours behind what they do and the why, with being able to transform into greater growth.

  • Intregal Coach P.C.C.

    A form of coaching that builds capacities and long term skills and competencies while engaging with the whole person. I work with people using a cognitive, somatic, relational, emotional, spiritual, and integrative approach.

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