Learn to Trust Yourself and Move Confidently Toward Your Big Dreams

Do you find yourself stuck in a loop of doubt, fear, self-sabotage, impostor syndrome, or people-pleasing? Unhelpful behavior patterns are traps that lock us into prisons of our own making. We each have the power to break free of those traps...but most of us don’t realize it.

When we become self-aware of the unique patterns that motivate our thoughts and actions, it’s possible to recognize when we are trapping ourselves. And when we recognize our traps, we can break free of them. It’s simply a matter of knowing what to look for, and who to ask for help.

What we need is a compassionate, knowledgeable guide as we navigate the great escape.

“How many people are trapped in their everyday habits: part numb, part frightened, part indifferent? To have a better life we must keep choosing how we live."

~ Albert Einstein


Dive deeper into your Enneagram type, learn what’s holding you back, and experience profound transformation in your life. Whether you’re seeking personal or professional development, we offer a variety of courses and online workshops to help you identify the traps that ensnare you over and over again--and learn to free yourself from them, once and for all. 

About the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a guide to better understanding ourselves, including our fears, motivations, and behaviors. Through knowing ourselves, we can better understand ourselves, our behavior patterns, and the ways we engage and cope with life. It provides clarity on how and why we show up in a certain way. And, it helps us to examine the motivations that lead to our fears, actions, and reactions.

A number of the workshops we offer here at Giving Excellence are authorized by The Enneagram Institute®. In addition, our resources, courses, and programs are informed by its wisdom. Click the link below to learn more about our offerings.


What Others Say


My experience working with Mellissa has been fantastic. Her workshop was one of the top 5 I've attended in all my education - life changing, transformative, and easily digestible concepts. The concepts were immediately applicable. What I appreciate the most about Mellissa is that she is really able to to see the roadblocks that I can't - and gently, inquisitively, open me up with new language and learnings. Can't say enough about this class and her coaching!!

Rachel Verlik

 / Executive Coach


Talk about a life changing educational experience! Completely opened my eyes to our inner selves! Taught in an easy to digest workshop that is empowering! Thank you!

Adrienne Barker

/ Creative Promotion Marketer


Mellissa has a unique ability to help others recognize their own gifts and build a platform to access their dreams. She's sharp. I'm astonished how she was able to extract incredibly useful and inspirational gems from information and issues that I've been stuck on for so long! 

Shari L Fox

/ Soul Nourish Retreats Co-Director

Mellissa Rempfer

Mellissa Rempfer is an advocate for personal growth, Escape Artisté, Pattern Interruptor, Integral Coach, Instructional Designer, and Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher. She’s passionate about leading individuals to a better understanding of themselves--and helping them break free of self-made traps throughout the journey.

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