The Enneagram and Relationships: Intimate and Professional

Relationships are one of the most rewarding - as well as one of the most frustrating -aspects of our existence. Whether in intimate or work settings, the quality of our relationships has an enormous impact on the quality of our lives, on our self-esteem, and on our careers. Yet, we often find the behavior of others baffling—even if we have known them intimately for many years. Often, the very things that we do not understand in others are the greatest sources of problems and conflicts in our relationships. Clearly, the better we know ourselves and the people in our lives, the more harmonious and satisfying our relationships will be.

The Enneagram can help us tremendously in understanding our relationships. It is a remarkable system of nine basic personality types that sheds light on the most important psychological dynamics in our personality, as well as on the deeper spiritual yearnings of our soul. Each type has its own set of strengths, vulnerabilities, and perceptions of the world. The Enneagram can help us to realize who we are and what our greatest potentials might be, as well as to make sense of the sometimes confusing behavior of others.

Participants will be guided to use the Enneagram as a profound and immensely practical way to understand their relationships with others, both intimate and professional. We will cover particular dynamics among the different types, effective methods for communicating with each type, and the ways in which the three Instinctual Variants (Subtypes) affect our main motivations in relationships.

The Insight Approach® will be used, employing interactive exercises, guided meditations, panels of exemplars, music, and other techniques to help participants recognize personal strengths as well as to uncover the blind spots that they bring to their relationships. If you want to improve your relationship with a spouse, child, friend, business associate, or family member, this Workshop will be invaluable.

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Mellissa Rempfer, MA.ed/AET, P.C.C., AWTP

Human Potential: Helping professionals bring out the best in themselves & others while increasing overall happiness. Mellissa Rempfer is a highly sought-after presenter, teacher, coach, and overall big-hearted speaker who makes everyone feel like she is speaking directly to them with her engaging, down-to-earth style. Mellissa delivers practical topics of human potential transformation for the individual, team, and workplace so that everyone can grow and increase their overall happiness.

With more than two decades in the personal development and growth space (for individuals and organizations), Mellissa provides transformation through very practical topics that provide audiences with simple actionable ideas, plus the clarity and motivation to put them into action right away to improve communication, leadership, interpersonal relationships, and self-awareness to bring out the best in oneself (and others).

Mellissa went from being homeless at the age of 14 to securing a $3 Million donation and $9.8 Million ongoing passive income for a new student center for her college before turning 21. With the same skills of growing personal relationships to make things happen, she shares how we can support (and also hinder one's growth and possibilities).

With certifications to support the work of transformation and growth (Masters in Adult Education in Training and Development, Professional Certified Integral Coach, Certified Enneagram Teacher, and Authorized Workshop Facilitator with the Enneagram Institute), Mellissa is committed to the development of Human Potential, and help others connect with their best version of themselves.

When Mellissa, her husband, and furry dog kids are not traveling full time, you can find Mellissa at various coffee shops or amusement parks. Just look for the kid-size shoes that light up and have sparkles.

Learn how to improve your relationships

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