Wisdom of the Enneagram

Wisdom of the Enneagram: Moving Beyond Personality Workshop 

Gain an understanding of the relationship between our personality and our Essence, or spirit.

Getting to Know Yourself ... Like Really Know Yourself

Most of us encounter the Enneagram as a useful system of personality types. We find it fascinating to see ourselves and others through the insights that the Enneagram offers. But at a certain point, we begin to see that the characteristics described in Enneagram books reflect only part of the picture.

At a deeper level, however, the Enneagram tells us about the relationship between our personality and our Essence, or spirit. This workshop will focus on exercises to help us see through the veils of our personality structures to have a more direct experience of our Essence, our true spiritual nature. We will look at the personality types as nine distinct aspects of human nature that can be found in all of us regardless of our type. We will see how these different parts of ourselves manifest personally in our lives, and how, rightly understood, they can lead us to deeper inner resources and lasting joy.

This Workshop will feature exercises for each type, as well as music, meditations, and practices that will help bring our Centers of Intelligence (Thinking, Feeling, and Instinct) into greater alignment, thus opening us to the transformative action of Spirit. We will focus primarily on the spiritual gifts of each type. 

If you are interested in finding more effective ways of using the Enneagram in your spiritual practice, or if you are interested in exploring the underlying meaning and Wisdom of the Enneagram, this Workshop will be highly relevant to you.

During our time together:

  • Connect to the deeper spiritual side of yourself. To engage with with joy, authenticity, power, compassion, and wisdom.
  • Explore with curiosity what makes you you (fears, motivations, and behaviors) and want to take your personal development to the next level.
  • Discover what that we love the most, any how this disconnect leads to what you know as your personality type (structure).
  • Gain insights into the warning of how we unconsciously get trapped by our personality structure, and what to do to break free and escape.
  •  Deepen your spiritual practice with using the Enneagram as a resource for self awareness, discovery, and deep transformation

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I was one of those people who always have plans, back up plans, and hated the idea of boredom. Yet, it was learning about the Enneagram and discovering one of my patterns was to keep myself so busy with options that I found myself suffering with lack of focus. I found more freedom with focusing and making decisions instead of chasing squirrels. The stress I had with options (which I didn't even know was a stress) is no longer ruling my life and I have found freedom in making choices for my life, my family, and my business.


Maya Hiersoux - Realtor

The Enneagram is not only a useful tool for self analysis, but has repeatedly and immensely helped in understanding and dealing with complicated family, friends, and colleague relationships, especially when their way of seeing the world and their reactions differ vastly from your own. Understanding where someone else is coming from is the first step to mitigating conflict and improving relationships.

Mellissa is an engaging and fun teacher who makes the Enneagram easy to understand and incorporate in your life. Absolutely everyone can benefit from attending one of Mellissa’s workshops."

Janelle DeRuosi - Photographer

Both my Mom and I 

did the Enneagram workshop together. We were close before, but this system changed everything for the better. It was like my Mom was able to finally understand and support me. It was finding out that my deep desire for safety was not because I wanted to be argumentative, it was me just questioning to calm my nerves. Now my Mom has become my best friend and has taken the time to no only understand me, but to really listen. 

I have also been able to take the Enneagram back into my classroom and use it to motivate different students to learn math based on what their core motivations. I even had kids who I struggled with keeping their attention be engaged and ask questions. Thanks for the help with the motivation based on Enneagram Types." 

Meg Lambert - Teacher

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