Three Instincts: Using the Enneagram to Create Balance in Your Life and Harmony in Your Relationships Workshop

Our Hard Wiring For Survival. 

Taking Care of our Needs.

Taking Risks.

And Taking Care of Each Other.

Our instinctual nature, while extremely powerful in our decision-making processes, lifestyle choices, and orientation to day-to-day reality, is often given little emphasis in many spiritual paths, and the Instincts are often treated as an inherent problem—a distortion to be eliminated. This is understandable since this part of our nature is usually little interested in our spiritual or psychological development. Yet, without a clear and viable relationship with this aspect of our souls, it is extremely difficult to maintain an integrated approach to our path.

The Enneagram deals very directly with this aspect of the Self through teachings about the Three Instincts—Self-Preservation, Sexual (Attraction), and Social (Adaptation). Seminal ideas about the three Instincts go back at least as far as Gurdjieff’s teachings about the Centers and have equivalents in other spiritual traditions. In recent years, many Enneagram students have discovered the explanatory power of seeing how their instinctual bias operates in combination with their dominant Enneagram type. Learning how their type plays itself out through one of these Instincts can be as exciting as when we first learn about the Enneagram.

In this Workshop, we will first clarify and deepen our understanding of the Instincts, seeing them at work in our personal experience. We will also examine how our particular instinctual “stack”—the way we prioritize our basic human needs and values—is the pattern that most keeps us locked in the repetitive habits of our personality. (One of the quickest ways to unlock the Passion and Fixation of our type is to understand and work on the imbalance in our Instincts.) Recognizing the way we give energy to certain needs while neglecting others brings balance and helps us integrate the deeper experiences of Essence and Being that we may have had. Without such Inner Work, even profound experiences of Spirit and Oneness cannot affect our lives the way they could.

The Workshop will employ experiential dyads and triads, meditation, movement work, and music to help participants recognize the ways that these patterns express themselves in their lives. We will also explore concrete ways in which to bring greater balance in our approach to our instinctual life. Our approach is relaxed and conversational, with an emphasis on the development of our capacity to remain in Presence.

During Our Time Together:

  • Discover the hard wiring parts of our that leads to the behaviors that often lead to the most stress in our lives.
  • Gain an understanding about the how and why it is so difficult to develop and change, and what can be done about it!
  • Learn how our drives of survival are directly linked to what we pay our attention to in life, and how we forget or become challenges in other areas of our lives.

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5 Weeks

April 2024


starting April 2nd

9am Pacific/5pm British

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May 2024


starting May 24th to 26th

9am to 5:30pm Pacific

Join together for 3 1/2 hours over 5 weeks. Virtual Live.

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