August 5

The Ugly Truth Behind Do You Know Enough


The Ugly Truth Behind Do You Know Enough? 

Do you find yourself stuck with having to learn or know more before you can do things for your business?

If you find yourself frequently studying, thinking, or asking others for their opinion/insights/ or how to's  before just doing it, then you may be stuck consciously or unconsciously with the need to know more before you can take action.

You are not alone. "How to..." searchings are the most common searches on google and youtube. I do it myself. However, I invite you to take a moment and check in with yourself, when is the point of you know enough for you just to do it?

Part of growing a skill is being in the act of just doing it. People who you look up to who do things so effortlessly like videos, speaking, webinars, asking for money/investment, blogging, you name it... they had to be with their fear, and then work through it and just do it.

Today I invite you to take a breath with the hesitation arising you may have. Say the affirmation, "I now release that I always need to know more before I do anything". Say it out loud. Say it and feel the hesitation and fears in your heart, body, and mind, and honor those fears by stating them, but also inviting yourself to be bigger than those. Say the affirmation again, and own the words, "I release that I always need to know more before I do anything".

Now be in action. I would love to hear what happens.

Stay Curious and Compassionate.
-Mellissa Rempfer

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Mellissa Rempfer, MA.ed AET

Mellissa Rempfer works to unite the Passion, Mission, Profession, and Vocation of the heart-centered entrepreneur.  Giving Excellence, is a coaching, training, and group facilitation services company dedicated to bringing connection, compassion, and awakening truth to the heart and soul of business. And she does all of this while travelling North America with her three-dog family, giving talks, and finding inspiration from people, places, and experiences that touch her heart.


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