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Spirituality and Shadow Work

by Mellissa Rempfer on February 15, 2018 No comments

Spiritual Practice and Shadow Work

I am a believer that people come across our paths that support our own growth and development. This also includes people who bring awareness and light to areas that we don’t always want to be visible and present. One of these teachers for me is Russ Hudson from the Enneagram Institute.
Today’s article came from a post that Russ shared on social media: 10 Spiritual Things People Do that are Total BS.

I have seen this emerging of people who are acting like they are these super spiritual beings and everything that do is for the greater good. I must admit, I have fallen into this same ego trap even though I did not wan to admit it, I even lost friends over my behaviours for the sake of spirituality and growth.

Spirituality is more than just how and what we do. It is about the authentic connection when we are present head, heart, body, and soul. Our own makings can distort these connections even when we let are believing we are doing the work. This is why I am a believer of community. It is through working with others that they can mirror back to us what we are actually doing when we don’t realize we have let the ego take over verses the essence, especially when our egos are masterful at mimicking essence giving us a false sense of truth.

Take a moment and just be real. Anything speaking to you? I know for me there were quite a few.
Here’s to you and your business’s brilliance!

-Mellissa Rempfer, Founder of Brilliance and Business, and Giving Excellence. |

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Mellissa RempferSpirituality and Shadow Work

Ladybug Wisdom: You are not alone

by Mellissa Rempfer on February 8, 2018 1 comment

Ladybug Wisdom - You are not alone

As business owners, there are times when we may feel like life is just not all super easy and grand. There will be times when we want to shout from a mountaintop our joys and ecstasy. And, then there are times when we gain movement, and then things slow down or halt. Welcome to Ladybug knowledge, you are not alone being a soulful business owner here to make a difference.

Earlier today I was hosting on one of our Gathering of Brilliance Calls, a collective group of mission-minded heart-centered entrepreneurs who have big purposes to fulfill. Today was the wrap up of our cycle before we open up the circle Feb. 5th. Over the last six weeks, each of these amazing business owners made a commitment and goal to do something in their business that you wanted to complete by Jan. 1st, 2018. The call was honest, real, raw, beautifully emotionally filled with gratitude, love, and appreciation. Each person acknowledged the growth in each other, celebrate not only the goals that were met, but the deeper soulful purposeful goals that arise like a connection to a bigger purpose in life, or connection to family members, or pride in getting more done than what they even dreamed was possible.

Ladybug.... As I held the space and listened to each lovely soul and they showed up in their brilliance (personally and in business) ... ladybugs kept coming to me.

My first thought was huh, maybe my next pedicure I am going to ask for black dots like a ladybug, as a smile crept across my face.

Ladybug... ok, really, why does the word ladybug keep coming to me, and I start to get irritated with this unknowing intervention taking up previous mind space. Ah, LADYBUG, got it :-).

The more present I am, the more connected I am to Presence. And when I am present, I get higher level ah ha's of clarity and wisdom, and during our call Ladybug was one of them.

So here is a little ladybug wisdom for you.

"Ladybugs are about metamorphosis, growth and manifestation of ideas and thoughts. It is a time succeed and start something new. Ladybug Beetles have a protective quality that will aid in the ability to socialize and communicate effectively by illuminating problems and situations in the correct perspective. Are you socializing too much or not enough? Are you eating correctly? Now is the time to examine eating habits. Can you identify which stage of development are you in egg/larva/pupa/adult?. Is it time to 'fly'; or walk in life? Ladybugs will show when to hibernate ideas/actions and emerge in opportune moments. Ladybugs will teach persistence with charm, trust in the process, effectiveness of natural defenses, transformation of unwanted fears along with proper movement and actions which allows the regeneration of your spirit to prosper." -

Here are some ladybug wisdom I invite you to apply:​​ 

  • Acknowledge you are the midst of a process, and so is everyone else. You are not alone.
  • leaf
    Reaching goals, especially soulful goals will have both times of action, and recharge.
  • Trust the process. When you feel like you are not getting the results you want, check in with a trusted friend or colleague and they will give you honest feedback and mirror of how far you have come, and your brilliance.
  • We don't need to create, add, or enhance any form of protection for ourselves or businesses. We already have built-in natural defenses, and our head, heart, and body will share with us when it is time to be in action or pause. Fear doesn't need to drive the show. 
  • leaf
    Finally, surround yourself with people who want the best for you. People to encourage, challenge, inspire, hold you accountable, and fill in the missing skill sets that are not your specialty.

Reaching goals, especially soulful goals will have both times of action and recharge. @GivingExcellenc

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Surround yourself with people who want the best for you. People to encourage, challenge, inspire, hold you accountable, and fill in the missing skill sets that are not your specialty. This is Gathering of Brilliance. @GivingExcellenc

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Ladybug wisdom: Ladybugs are about metamorphosis, growth and manifestation of ideas and thoughts. It is a time succeed and start something new.  @GivingExcellenc

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Now is the time for metamorphis. Step into the growth and manifestation of both you and business's soul purpose. 

I would like to invite you to join me for a FREE webinar training, "SMART Goals on Purpose: Big Dreams, Big Purpose, Big Profits in 2018. You can find out more here or save your seat below. 

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Here's to you and your business's brilliance and excellence!

-Mellissa Rempfer

Mellissa Rempfer, MA.ed AET

Mellissa Rempfer works to unite the Passion, Mission, Profession, and Vocation of the heart-centered entrepreneur.  Giving Excellence, is a coaching, training, and group facilitation services company dedicated to bringing connection, compassion, and awakening truth to the heart and soul of business. And she does all of this while travelling North America with her three-dog family, giving talks and finding inspiration from people, places, and experiences that touch her heart.

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Mellissa RempferLadybug Wisdom: You are not alone

Your Value and Your Cost

by Mellissa Rempfer on February 1, 2018 No comments

I often hear clients be wishy-washy on how much they charge. Some clients cringe when it comes asking to be paid. OH NO!!!! Time to get the credit card information… NOOOOO!!!!!!  Payment is coming!!! The world is ending!

Ah, us funny humans. We talk about wanting more money. We talk about prosperity. We talk about abundance. We talk about the “lifestyle”, yet we don’t talk about value.

Join me and together let’s go to the dark side. I promise, I will be with you and hold your hand and together step through into the magical land of opportunities and yes, money. 🙂

Earlier today I was at the local pet store grabbing some food for my three little dogs, when these words caught my attention, “value what matters” (marketing on a dog food display). Take those words in and allow them to land and connect with you… value what matters.  Breathe these words in and now say these words and let them connect to your body. Feel them…. value what matters. Now feel these words in your heart… value what matters. And now let’s say it one more time and notice what comes through your mind… value what matters.

What comes up for you? There is no right or wrong answer.  Just be curious.

This kind of curiosity and exploration is part of the work I do with clients to help them bring alignment with that which they love, that which they are good at, that which the world needs, and that which they can be paid for. Altogether, their purpose. (I love being a business coach!)

Yet as we are all stepping into our (and our business’s) purpose, there are certain things that have a special place for us regarding value.

What do you value? What matters to you that you have placed a value on it?

Here are some of mine, and I invite you to be fully honest with yourself. (Again, no judgement, this is an exploration for yourself).

  • I value quality time with my husband
  • I value my good morning snuggles with my dogs as they wake me up
  • I value sitting by the beach and drink a glass of wine as I write
  • I value the friends/colleagues I have surrounded myself with, and even when I don’t always want to hear or respond to their advice
  • I value my garden and witnessing the results of the retreat space created
  • I value the growth, transformation, and very practical results clients obtain, and the joy of what comes because of the process
  • I value the wisdom that resistance and fear have become my friends and allies for growing into something bigger and appreciating the process
  • Finally, I value myself, even though at times I question if I am in over my head

Note I did not include how much money I want in my bank account. If your value includes this, great, again no judgement, this is for you.

Now let’s take the statement on a deeper level… what matters to you?

Here is an interesting observation. What matters to you is what you spend your time, money, and resources on. Again, I will repeat, what matters to you is what you spend your time, money, and resources on. You place a financial value on these areas. You may say x matters to you, yet if you are being honest with your behaviors and actions, do these support your statement. My kids matter to me…. yet I have missed my son’s first baseball game, or “I’m too busy with x, y, or z to do ___ with you”. I want my business to grow, yet you don’t sign up to services or even opportunities that will get there. Consciously or unconsciously, you are placing a value of something above something else. If you really want it, then you may think twice about your second order extra-large cup specialty coffee.

In business I hear, “I can’t afford it”, “if only…”, “I can’t because….”. Yes, owning, developing, and growing a business is no small feat, hence why so many businesses don’t survive. If you don’t value what matters to you regarding your business, then yes you will find every excuse or reason to not grow into that next level of abundance and prosperity. Yet, if we can use our “what we value” with our purpose so we can massively monetize our mastery, then why not?!

There is no shame in wanting the “lifestyle” and all that can come with it. I break up my day and enjoy a walk in the forest or let the dogs run the beach. Guess what, some of my best ah ha moments comes during these down times especially when I find myself stuck with a problem and not sure how to solve it for myself or my clients.

I work hard, don’t get me wrong, and I learned to be strategic. I value my time, my insights, my wisdom and abilities to know and implement solutions for results, and most of all the value I bring to excel in growth. I value that I choose not to take on a huge number of clients if I want to give them the best of me in a very personalized 1-1 or small group capacity. I value that for me to be at the best version of myself I can’t be a work-a-holic (I have lupus). I value that if I want, believe, and demonstrate being in value while having a business, then guess what I better walk the talk.

I choose to charge more financially, so I can show up fully, so that I can support my clients, and that I can enjoy all aspects of being. No excuses, no holding back, no comprising… I stand in value for what matters for myself, and being an advocate for fellow heart center entrepreneurs who are here to make a difference in this world.

What are you choosing to do right now to value what matters?

From homeless in high school to a $9.8 million ongoing passive income stream to build a student center for her college (before the age of 21); Mellissa Rempfer is a business coach, consultant, and trainer who see opportunities and takes action. Mellissa invites entrepreneurs to step into their Brilliance. Anything is possible if you dream, take action, and work in collaboration. Mellissa Rempfer owns and runs two companies. Giving Excellence is a small boutique firm committed to helping purpose drive entrepreneurs build and grow the business of their dreams while making a difference in the world. Mellissa is also the visionary behind the collaborative cooperative global community of entrepreneurs called the Brilliance and Business. Brilliance and Business is a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, coaches, and marketers who are dedicated in supporting each other to grow our businesses utilizing the power of we. Collectively we can each do what we are brilliant at, and grow our businesses while together we elevate.

Come try  out and see the power of WE in action at or work specifically with Mellissa at


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Mellissa RempferYour Value and Your Cost

The Foundation of Building Relationships in Business

by Mellissa Rempfer on January 25, 2018 1 comment

Building solid relationships for lasting Success in Business

A Bit of Brilliance!

Before we get in any commitment with someone else we need to build a relationship. Think about getting married. You meet the person. You have coffee or lunch. You go out on a few dates. Your relationship deepens and you and your significant other become more involved. Over time the relationship if it is a good match will lead to a deeper commitment. With each step closer you and the other person makes, there is more of an investment with each other. This is also true when it comes to nurture relationships within business. Your clients and potential clients want to get to know you first before they go all in. There are many ways you can support the getting to know you stage at the free or low cost level. Your freebie/opt-in for your email list. Video trainings. 1-1 discover/strategy/intake sessions (whatever you want to call them). I connect with people on social media and reach out to them inviting them to join this group and/or grab lunch/coffee. This week take a look at what are some of the ways you deepen and build relationships, commitment, and influence that invites your people to spend more time (and money) with you.

I would love to hear what are some of the ways you engage with others to build a relationship. Please chime in below.

Here’s to you and your business’s brilliance!
-Mellissa Rempfer

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Mellissa RempferThe Foundation of Building Relationships in Business

Staff and Volunteer Burn-Out: 3 Ways to Avoid It!

by Mellissa Rempfer on December 14, 2014 1 comment

Many of you who work with non profits at some point you were involved as a volunteer. Perhaps you had a wonderful experience. Perhaps you were left dissastified. Perhaps you felt like it was time to move on or life was changing directions. What ever the reason that lead to a change in what you did as a volunteer, the worse is to have burn out. Just as you might have experienced burn-out, we want to help you so that you can avoid it with your volunteers.

You may recognise this feeling in yourself and/or those who you work with. Starting to dread the commitment you made to attend a function or stuff envelopes. Maybe you have an excuse already in mind when the ask comes if you could help with…(fill in the blank). Whatever the reasoning that is given, in this sector volunteers are your life line. Without volunteers to support the cause; it costs more money in staff and it is not like money grows in trees for charities.

Here are three ways to avoid Volunteer Burn-Out:

  • Recognize and acknowledge the Volunteer or staff.

    Sounds simple enough, but too often volunteers are seen as someone to complete a task. These are people who are giving up their resources in skills, time and probably money. Make sure that the thank you is genuine and sincere. If it is just a smile saying Thank You, a card, or hey bring them some coffee every once in a while when you make your coffee run. The volunteer will value that you noticed them and this could motivate them to continue to support your cause.

  • Meet their Needs.

    Say you have 5 people who have agreed to volunteer. You just completed an intake and now you assign them to areas A, B and C. Great, you get them started. Question for you, during the intake did you find out what they are interested in? I am not saying what their CV or resume said, but what did they say they are interested in? I share this because this has happened to me many many times. Most of the time there was no intake process and my submission to wanting to volunteer resulted in stuffing envelopes. After a period of time the volunteer who completes the task they have been assigned will experience burn-out simply from lack of using their skills and boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the simplicity of stuffing envelopes, but I, like other volunteers enjoy challenges. One organisation took the time to ask what do I want out of volunteering and I will share it was the most fulfilling and enjoyable years of my life as a volunteer. So before you even start the path of burn-out, ask the volunteer what do they want and help them meet their needs and desires.

  • Develop and Transition.

    Burn-out often comes as a result of lack of growth and/or overuse. If you have a volunteer that you see potential in and who is committed to the success of your organisation, take the time to create a development plan for them. This helps the volunteer know that you want to keep them around and invest in them as they are investing in the charity. This should be something that offers them growth as well as give them a time frame for how long they will be working in this capactity and role. Transition is crucial and I recommend that each area should have a volunteer no more than 2 years. (3 years for Board Members, but majority of volunteers, no more than 2). The volunteer can stay involved, but if you have someone stay in the same role, it limits other volunteers who may want to step up. It also will decrease the burn out from the volunteers while spreading the wisdom and commitment to those involved.

Please share your comments about solutions and experiences with volunteer burn-out. Feel free to pass this along to others who may be interested.

So take care of those Volunteers, so Volunteer Burnout does not strike your organization!

Till next time,

-Mellissa Rempfer

Giving Excellence, host of the Brilliance and Business community

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Mellissa RempferStaff and Volunteer Burn-Out: 3 Ways to Avoid It!

Warning! Check Engine Light: Volunteer Burn-Out Symptoms

by Mellissa Rempfer on December 14, 2014 No comments

You are sitting in your vehicle, cruising along to somewhere when da da dummm… the dreaded Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light pops on. What goes through your head… “Oh no, I can’t afford this right now!”, “Again, really, I just had this checked!”, “Hmmm, this is strange, nothing appears to be wrong”. Whatever you can think or imagine I highly doubt if your initial response was, “Yay! I love when this light comes on. Thank you!” As humans, even the most positive people probually do not greet the light with a warm welcome. Yet, the light has a purpose and if we respond accordingly then we can be saving ourselves from time, resources and a huge headache. The same can be true for volunteers who are showing signs of Burn Out.

This week, we will be focusing on burn out symptoms that would lead to a check engine or service engine soon light to go off showing signs of distress with your volunteers and volunteer management.

Just like with the light going on in the vehicle, this is a warning. The issue/cause/situation could be minor, a one-time thing or it could be something of significance. No matter how minor to major it may be; the issue needs to be looked into just as the same response of inquiring is needed for your volunteers.

Symptoms in volunteers that trigger a warning light:

  • Change in communication frequency.

    You may notice that the volunteer used to be really good at communicating with you and others and lately it seems that they are taking longer to respond or not at all. You may also have an increase in communication, but not showing signs of production and work; this increase in communication either in person or through phone calls, emails and other correspondence will have a tint of complaints, grumbling or unhappiness.

  • Decrease or not signing up to participate.

    This is a huge symptom that a warning light is on. When Volunteers stop signing up or agreeing to participate. Better get this checked out.

  • “I have nothing to do”.

    If you have a volunteer who tells you they have nothing to do, and you have nothing for them to do; again a warning sign. It is ok to have nothing for a volunteer to do for a short period of time because they completed their assignment, it is another issue completely when you hear this statement more than once. Now would be a good time to look at how you are managing the volunteers and how much or more likely how little are you delegating or offering volunteers to grow and develop.

  • Burn-out

    Burn-out is really a lack of desire to do any more. Maybe you have the same volunteers do the same thing all the time and the person wants something new. Maybe, the person is bored and not being challenged. Perhaps they just feel unappreciated. Whatever it may be as the cause, burn out is a general term that we can all relate to and it shows up as a warning light very clearly.

  • No new ideas, “We have always done it this way”

    One of the gifts that volunteering can do for organizations is bring in people from different backgrounds and expertize to help your organization. If you or experience the symptom of no new ideas or hear the statement, “we have always done it this way”; again warning sign something needs to be looked into. With lack of fresh ideas or even looking at things with different perspectives, it can be challenging for organizations to continue to grow and develop. This is really crucial when it deals with raising money or trying new things to expand and educate/promote who and what you are doing and offering. If it is always the same, your organization will become static.

So this week look at your volunteers and how they are managed. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being no signs at all and 10 being a warning light. Check the status of these symptoms. And if you do have them, what are you going to do about it? Please share and leave comments, love to hear from you.

Till next time,

-Mellissa Rempfer

Giving Excellence, host of the Brilliance and Business Community

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Mellissa RempferWarning! Check Engine Light: Volunteer Burn-Out Symptoms

Which Facebook Advertising Objective? Website Conversions or Clicks to Website?

by Mellissa Rempfer on September 27, 2014 No comments

Clicks to Website or Website Conversions? Which Facebook advertising objective should I use, and when?


Many small businesses and non-profits are always looking at how to leverage Facebook to support them. I came across this article and was very surprised at the result with the same information and same budget. This one is a keeper to refer back to.


Till next time.

-Giving Excellence

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Mellissa RempferWhich Facebook Advertising Objective? Website Conversions or Clicks to Website?